Why I left WDA ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Anonymous asked: i refuse to come off anon because you're clearly angry, and i'd prefer to discuss this issue in a calm manner. but it's time you go, your five minutes of attention are nearly over. :) Thats not being calm your being demeaning. I will leave dont you worry child. Yeah pity that. Just come off anon honestly, if you wanna actually talk because this isnt actually talking. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0 Anonymous asked: I'll pray for you. Its not that big a problem„ I didnt rape a kid. I know surprsing. Im talking out against bs ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0 ava-ryder asked: ooc: You refuse to understand. I just feel bad for you. The real world is going to tear you apart when you get older. If this is how you react to a problem in a fictional world then I don't want to see how you react to something that's real. I hope things change & that you grow up. I also hope that things get better with your depression. It's a struggle, but you can get through it. Well I'm done. Have fun getting upset in some other rp. I do understand though, and I dont agree at all. Cool I feel bad for you too. Yeah because the real world really likes people that turtle up when theyre confronted. fucking followers and sheep. Wanna know something? The reason its an issue is because it was my time and I wasnt consulted at all, I was told what was happening and I had no say in it. How? I obviously cant deal with shit. This is the first Rp I freaked out in if that tells you anything. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0 Anonymous asked: you need to leave. Get off anon you coward so we can talk about this statement ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2 the-best-bieste: whoisdevsingh: okay. Thats fine. thats your opinion. we’re sorry you’re so upset, but you’ve said your piece. im not going to argue anymore because im not going to deal with it anymore. whats done is done. we obviously cant make you change your mind so there’s nothing more to say. Thank you for trying to change yourself into better admins. I mean you have people sucking you off so you probably wont have a backlash but whatever right. Yeah dont deal with things properly that’ll get you far. You havent tried to change my mind. And ow youre all waving flags and trying to be loving calling me a storm and a trail. There is more to say you just wont defend yourself well enough. Or you know what you did was bullshit. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0 Anonymous asked: They Dev & Charlie thing actually bothered a lot more people than just the admins. I really think that only you & Lacie shipped it. List people for me. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2 Emma you deleted you post but I had a reply so here Yeah well it was shitty of you to terminate my plot without consulting me, because it was my character that was getting affected. Well yours now. Always yours. This coulda been way worse, I was restraining myself. You made the rules so of course your gonna follow them. You are not a 60 year old lawyer, you can be unprofessional. Surprising I know. You added rules after I joined jsyk so I was already in. Trust me a group that uses LGBT and saying its some sort of issue I would never join. Because it wasnt a fucking issue and you made it one. The school flirt, Charlie never seems to have anything but playful banter with the opposite sex. And ever since Charlotte’s passing, he is even more scared to commit. Will this help him move forward in relationships, or shut him off forever? As for his school persona, he is seen as a generally nice guy but not someone you give your heart too. He is good friends with Dev Singh and Dash Parr. More scared to commit? so perhaps he could have cheated? like he did. He is a descibed as a fucking ladies man yes but that doesnt mean he cant swing both fucking ways. People arnt so 2D as you seem to want. Thats not how people work. Especially in highschool, where yore allowed to experiment and have relationships that maybe you will regret later, because youre a teenager. What do you mean it involved a lot more caharcters? Do you know how many times Lacie told me how isolated she felt from you guys, honestly, and the baggae that was given to charlie made him really hard to play for her. If you were gonna terminate this plot you should have terminated the plots that made Charlie so fucking hard to play. No one really talked to Charlie, thats what she said so thats some bullshit about it affecting other characters. Fuck fuck fuckity a said a fuck fuck fuckity fuck. i would like to scream at you guys but you know, computer, so this is my way of showing how I feel. We dealt with it with you and it wasnt hidden for months so dont be so dramatic. We went to you and you knew you decided to wipe it now. Thats a stupid rule, sexuality is fluid and it shouldnt be som hot button topic. I dont understand why that rule was made, its stupid and its alos really offensive, that you have to ask to change who our character likes because the admins might not like all the gays and the b-curious people running around. You have other people playing your characters, it isnt gonna go as nicely as you planned. Other people pick them up and they change them so they can play them. If you wanted to control the characters and their character growth, write a book. EVERYONE WAS AFFECTED FUCK WOW, EXCEPT THEY WERENT. I think you were the only one affected. And honestly it was just gonna be 1x1 but then it expanded and oh im so sorry that yoo couldnt control your characters life down to the T. Really my fucking bad for getting in the way of your characters imaginary life. Yes youre still cocks. Huh, didnt see that one coming. I mean Dev sucked dashs cock but that needs to be wiped obviously. Youre not sorry im depressed thats why you put a fucking but after it. Oh? Everyone has their own problems. I wanted to die, I mean I know thats exams are stressful but I was almost 6 feet under so their not really comparable. Believe it its happening, people usually arnt okay when you fucking rol them over with rules they made. ‘You killed my son’ ‘the gun killed your son’ thats what this reminds me of so stop pulling the rules card of because is bs. Thank you for repeating yourself like that, really knocked your point home. Mentioning her by name isnt targeting her, I angry at her and i have a right to be pissed because she never came to me she never came to me you gusy never let me plead my case and you can say that she protected me but from what? I told her shit and I thought she was my friend but she got pissed that I was pissed so if that tells you anything. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0 Anonymous asked: Please calm down. I get you're upset, but maybe if you explain clamly to them how you feel and how you worked it out with lacie then some sort of compromise can be made? I am calm. But it was a final decision, and I would get a strike if I tried to continue things in a 1X1 way that wouldnt even affect them. Lacies gone, she left probably because she felt really isolated. Who are you, come to me off anon if you really want to talk to me. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0 Anonymous asked: its not fair to blame all the admins Why? Its the ‘Admin Tean’ its a we effort to terminate my plots ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0 waltdisneyacademy-rpg asked: Rachel, there was absolutely no need for you to post that. We understand you're upset, but we're doing what we have to as Admins and thats enforcing our own rules. We'd be happy to explain, if you'd just please listen. there was need, and you werent it was a relationship and you overreacted so I did the same. Now were on the same level. I did listen and respond, thats a conversation. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4 OH LOOK WHO DIDNT USE A READMORE BECAUSE THEY GIVE NO FUCKS What was just done was super controlling and really dickish but you guys can get away with whatever you want because youre admins. Being an admin doesnt mean youre a fucking god you cant just erase things you didnt want to happen. It was a relationship, just because it was between two guys doenst mean theirs reason for concern the fact that you think that its a plot that needed to be run by you guys is silly. Major Plots. If you wish to run a serious plot, i.e. pregnancy, death, rape, ect. You must run it by the admins first. I dont see anyone else with relationships having to run them by you first, and if not their ‘terminated’. Thats a really stupid bullshit filled word by the way because you could have said so many other things and you didnt because you needed a big mangemnet level word right? None of you are in your fucking twenties yet remove the sticks from your asses. Its not fucking death it was them liking eachother. Also just another bone to pick, because I am leaving and I may as well get this all out there right? what the hell was with the ‘you cant talk to the friends you met on here’ thing for a week? That was so stupid and super controlling that you were going to give people a strike because they wanted to talk to thier friends. thats verging on dictator ship just so you gusy all know exactly how I took that. Hi guys; the admin team had a meeting and we have come to a decision. We have been concerned for some time regarding the Charlie and Dev plot line. Due to the fact that a sexuality change was never requested for Charlie and the plot was never run by the Admins (or others involved) we have decided to terminate the plot. This means that we will remove anything related to it on blogs like natookie and ask that you both end the plot now - As if it never happened. Also why did theiir have to be a fucking sexaulity change in the first place, I know there was an issue where you were sacred everyone was gonna go homo but thats obviously not the fucking case. Also romance shouldnt be the fisrt thing on everyones mind so what if everyone was gay, why would it matter for a hot minutes? ================= 14. Adding To Your Character. Please do not add things to your character, like interests and friends, that arent in their original bio. Your character cannot be amazing at everything, and some people would not be friends with others due to personality clashes. We write the bio’s for a reason! Also, if you wish to change the orientation of the character you must ask permission. However, this change may not be accepted for a number of reasons. 1. It may not suit the character’s personality i.e. if it clearly states that someone is a Ladies Man, they cannot then be changed to being homosexual. 2. We have plenty of characters with varying orientations, and if you don’t like their FC you can simply ask for a change! 3. Too many changes to character’s orientations have been done recently, and though there’s nothing wrong with a character being in the LGBT community, we very much want our characters to be played by their original bio’s. We worked hard on them! ==================== Oh yes I get that you write the bios for a reason, and I mean the people playing your characters obviously cant change them that would be obsene. I mean its still your character right? No wrong the seconds someone takes up that character its theirs, that makes sense. Also how were they so many changes to characters sexuality back then? There werent and it shouldnt have to be run by you. WHEN THE PERSON APPLYS FOR A CHARACTER THAT IS YOU GIVING OVER THE RIGHTS TO THAT CHARACTER YOU DONT SHARE CUSTODY AND YOU DONT DICTATE WHAT THAT CHARACTER DOES LIKE YOU SEEM TO THINK. Ladies Man, they cannot then be changed to being homosexual. Why the fuck not? The Ladies man thats oer compensating because hey dicks are pretty cool too? Thats in so many movies and just because someone lies one gender doesnt mean they cant like both. We aren’t going to give either of you a warning but we are going to say to please follow the rules as they have been set up for a purpose; if it is found that the plot is continuing on a chatzy or other form, we will re open Dev and Charlie. If you have any further questions about this feel free to message us, Oh so if we start 1x1 were in trouble? Been doing it since may. OH YOUR GOING TO REPOEN THE ROLES THAT OBVUOUSLY WERENT EVEN OURS TO BEGIN WITH. Oh, pity. ========================= but please keep in mind that we arent telling you to leave the roleplay. ========================= No not telling but making the enviroment so shitty for me, and the plots that ive worked months on. so that I want to leave. We hope that you both understand that this is the only way to resolve the matter once and for all; and it is the admin teams final decision. I dont understand, I thought you were nice and wanted to be friends, one of you I was already friends with but I guess thats bullshit. Its not even a matter. It was two characters in a relationship. Get of your dramatic high horse and let the boys kiss but you wont becauseits a major plot. This isnt even an issue, who had had a fucking problem with these two? I dont understand. ========================================= For similar reasons, the team have also decided to erase the Dev and Dash plotline of them being romantically/sexually involved. ========================================= Again if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You guys are such assholes. You also gonna erase the Dash and Annie plotline? hm. Maybe im just upset because I worked for about two months on this plot, maybe im pissed because one you was my friends that introduced me to here. Im mostly upset because your douches and youve turned a fun rping experience into me wanting to cut my head off. Thanks for that. Now I know this probably wont have any consequences for you guys because i havent been on for a week and then much longer before that. I bet hal of you remember me and less of give a shit, But you guys still suck so im going to post it. My apologies for not being active, you know how depression and trying to kill yourself get in the way of online activity. This is me guilting ou by the way though I doubt you care because chloe knew and yet she let this all happen. That was nice, real class acts you guys are. There